how to beat level 27 on 40x escape

“40x Escape” is an online puzzle game where you have to unlock the door to escape each level. To beat Level 27, follow these steps:

  1. Understand the Puzzle: Level 27 of “40x Escape” typically involves pressing buttons in a specific order to unlock the door.
  2. Press the Buttons: Click on the buttons in the following sequence:
    • Press the fourth button once.
    • Press the first button twice.
    • Press the second button once.
    • Press the third button once.
    • Press the fifth button once.
  3. Open the Door: After pressing the buttons in the correct sequence, the door should unlock, allowing you to proceed to the next level.

Remember, “40x Escape” is a puzzle game that requires logical thinking and attention to detail. If the level has been modified or updated, the solution might be different. Use your problem-solving skills to analyze the pattern and solve the puzzle accordingly.

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