how to beat level 29 on 40x escape

Level 29 of the game “40x Escape” can be a bit challenging, but with some logical thinking and patience, you can beat it. “40x Escape” is a puzzle game where you have to find the correct sequence of actions to escape from each level. Here’s how to beat level 29:

  1. Understand the Goal:
    • In level 29, your goal is to press all the buttons (the white squares with numbers) in a specific order to make them all turn green.
  2. Observe the Starting Layout:
    • Take a moment to look at the initial arrangement of buttons. Notice that some buttons have numbers and some do not.
  3. Press the Correct Buttons:
    • Start by pressing the button with the number “2.” This will make it turn green.
  4. Pay Attention to Patterns:
    • The key to this level is understanding the pattern in which the buttons need to be pressed. Notice that the buttons with numbers indicate how many unpressed buttons you must skip before pressing the next one.
    • For example, the button with “2” means you skip two unpressed buttons and then press the next one.
  5. Follow the Pattern:
    • After pressing the button with “2,” count two unpressed buttons to the right and press the next one. This will be the button with “1.”
    • Continue to follow this pattern: Skip “2,” press “1”; skip “3,” press “1”; skip “4,” press “1,” and so on.
  6. Complete the Sequence:
    • Keep following the pattern until you have pressed all the buttons in the correct sequence. The goal is to make all the buttons turn green.
  7. Escape:
    • Once you’ve pressed all the buttons correctly, the door at the top will open, and you can proceed to the next level.

Remember that “40x Escape” is a game of logic and pattern recognition. Level 29 tests your ability to recognize and follow a specific pattern to solve the puzzle. If you get stuck, take a moment to analyze the buttons and the pattern, and then proceed step by step.

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