how to beat level 4418 on candy crush

Candy Crush Saga level 4418 is a challenging puzzle that requires careful strategy and a bit of luck to complete. This level features a conveyor belt and a mix of various candies and blockers. To beat level 4418, follow these tips and strategies:

  1. Understand the Objective:
    • In this level, you need to collect all the order items, which include striped candies (striped candy with a blue stripe) and wrapped candies (candy wrapped in a blue wrapper).
  2. Clear Blockers First:
    • Start by clearing the blockers in the center of the board. Focus on the licorice swirls and chocolate first, as they can quickly spread and become a problem.
  3. Use Special Candies:
    • Create special candies by forming matches of four or more candies. Striped candies and wrapped candies are especially helpful for fulfilling the order. Try to combine them for more powerful moves.
  4. Activate Combos:
    • Combining special candies is crucial in this level. A combination of a striped candy and wrapped candy can clear a significant portion of the board. Look for opportunities to make these combos.
  5. Pay Attention to Conveyor Belt:
    • The conveyor belt constantly moves candies across the board. Use this to your advantage by setting up matches and combos along the conveyor belt’s path.
  6. Plan Ahead:
    • Think about your moves carefully. Look for opportunities to create special candies and combos. Try to anticipate how candies will move due to the conveyor belt.
  7. Focus on the Orders:
    • While it’s essential to clear blockers and create special candies, always keep an eye on the order requirements. Prioritize making striped and wrapped candies as they are needed to complete the level.
  8. Be Patient:
    • Level 4418 can be challenging, so don’t rush. Take your time to plan your moves and look for opportunities to create powerful combos.
  9. Use Boosters (if available):
    • If you have any boosters, such as lollipop hammers or color bombs, consider using them strategically to clear blockers or create special candies.
  10. Restart When Needed:
    • If you’re having a particularly difficult game or if the initial board setup doesn’t look favorable, don’t hesitate to restart the level. Each attempt may provide a different board layout.

Remember that Candy Crush Saga levels can vary in difficulty, and it may take several attempts to beat level 4418. Stay persistent, use your moves wisely, and focus on fulfilling the order requirements to advance to the next level. Good luck!

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