how to beat proving grounds swgoh

In Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGoH), the “Proving Grounds” refers to a PvE (Player vs. Environment) event where you face various challenges to earn rewards. To beat the Proving Grounds, you’ll need a well-constructed team and effective strategy. Here are general tips to help you succeed in the Proving Grounds:

  1. Understand the Event: Familiarize yourself with the event’s mechanics, restrictions, and bonuses. Different Proving Grounds events may have specific requirements or conditions, such as faction restrictions or buffed characters.
  2. Build a Balanced Team: Create a team that covers various roles like tank, damage dealer, healer, and support. Ensure synergy between characters to maximize their abilities and boosts.
  3. Leverage Synergy: Utilize characters that have synergies or bonuses in the event. Synergies can provide advantages like increased damage, healing, or other boosts.
  4. Level Up and Gear Up: Level up and gear up your characters to increase their survivability and damage output. Upgrading abilities is also crucial for optimizing their performance.
  5. Strategize Turn Order: Arrange your team’s turn order strategically to maximize buffs, debuffs, or other abilities that can control the battle. Timing your actions can be crucial to success.
  6. Manage Abilities Effectively: Use abilities wisely, saving crucial abilities for challenging stages or opponents. Also, avoid wasting abilities on weaker enemies if not necessary.
  7. Target Priority: Focus your attacks on priority targets, such as high damage dealers or characters with abilities that pose a significant threat. Control the battle by taking out key opponents first.
  8. Adapt to Opponents: Pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents and adapt your strategy accordingly. Adjust your team composition or tactics to counter specific threats.
  9. Retreat and Retry: Don’t hesitate to retreat and retry a battle if you face difficulties. Assess your strategy, make necessary adjustments, and try again to optimize your approach.
  10. Join a Guild: Consider joining a guild to benefit from shared strategies, character recommendations, and support from guildmates. Cooperative gameplay can enhance your understanding and performance in events like Proving Grounds.
  11. Practice and Learn: Practice regularly and learn from each attempt. Understand your team’s capabilities, opponents’ abilities, and fine-tune your strategy to improve over time.
  12. Review Reward Tiers: Check the reward tiers and ensure you aim for the highest possible tier that fits your team’s strength. Strategize to reach higher tiers for better rewards.

Remember, each Proving Grounds event may have unique challenges, so adapting your strategy accordingly is crucial. Experiment with different team compositions and tactics to find what works best for you in each Proving Grounds event.

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