how to bowl on bourbon street oil pattern

“Bourbon Street” is a term used to describe a specific oil pattern in the sport of bowling. Bowling oil patterns are designed to challenge bowlers’ skills and create different lane conditions. To bowl successfully on the Bourbon Street oil pattern or any other specific pattern, you’ll need to adjust your approach and technique. Here are some general tips for bowling on an oil pattern:

  1. Understand the Bourbon Street Oil Pattern:
    • Get information about the Bourbon Street oil pattern’s characteristics, such as oil volume, length, and shape. Knowing the specifics of the pattern will help you make the right adjustments.
  2. Select the Right Ball:
    • Choose a bowling ball that matches the Bourbon Street oil pattern. Typically, for longer oil patterns like Bourbon Street, you’ll want a ball with a strong and aggressive coverstock to help it grip the lane.
  3. Position Yourself on the Lane:
    • Start by standing closer to the center of the approach. For right-handed bowlers, this means starting on the left side of the approach (and vice versa for left-handed bowlers).
  4. Adjust Your Target and Breakpoint:
    • Because the Bourbon Street pattern has a longer oil length, you’ll need to adjust your target and breakpoint (where the ball starts to hook). Start your ball farther to the outside of the lane and aim for a breakpoint closer to the pins compared to a typical house shot.
  5. Use the Proper Bowling Technique:
    • Maintain proper fundamentals, including your stance, approach, and release. Focus on a consistent and smooth delivery.
  6. Manage Ball Speed:
    • Adjust your ball speed as needed. Slower ball speed can help the ball hook earlier, while faster speed can delay the hook. Experiment to find the right balance.
  7. Experiment with Ball Rotation:
    • Adjust your hand position and the amount of rotation (rev rate) you put on the ball to control its reaction on the oil pattern.
  8. Stay Mindful of Lane Transition:
    • As you and other bowlers play the Bourbon Street pattern, the oil will change. Pay attention to how the lane conditions evolve during your practice or competition.
  9. Use Spare Shooting Skills:
    • Don’t forget your spare shooting. Accurate spare conversion is essential on challenging oil patterns like Bourbon Street.
  10. Practice and Adapt:
    • Bowling on different oil patterns, including Bourbon Street, takes practice. Be patient and willing to adapt your strategy as you gain experience on the pattern.
  11. Seek Coaching and Feedback:
    • Consider working with a bowling coach who can provide personalized guidance and feedback on your technique and strategy for specific oil patterns.
  12. Study Lane Conditions:
    • Pay attention to lane conditions during practice sessions and competitions. Learn to read the lane and make adjustments accordingly.

Bowling on challenging oil patterns like Bourbon Street can be a rewarding experience for competitive bowlers. It requires skill, adaptability, and a deep understanding of lane conditions. Regular practice and learning from your experiences will help you become more proficient at handling different oil patterns.

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