how to breed riff msm

In the mobile game My Singing Monsters (MSM), “Riff” is a specific character or monster. Breeding Riff involves combining certain monsters in the game to produce a Riff monster. Here’s a general guide on how to breed Riff:

  1. Understand Riff’s Elements: Riff is a quad-element Monster in My Singing Monsters. It is a combination of the following elements: Air, Water, Earth, and Cold.
  2. Acquire Necessary Monsters: Obtain monsters that possess the required elements for breeding Riff. Typically, combinations of monsters with Air, Water, Earth, and Cold elements can be used.
  3. Select Breeding Structure: Make sure you have a Breeding Structure (Breeding Tree or Breeding Mountain) where you can combine the monsters.
  4. Place Monsters in Breeding Structure: Choose two appropriate monsters with the required elements and place them in the Breeding Structure for a breeding attempt.
  5. Initiate Breeding: Initiate the breeding process by tapping on the “Breed” button after placing the desired monsters in the Breeding Structure.
  6. Wait for Breeding Outcome: The breeding process takes some time to complete. You’ll need to wait for the process to finish and see what monster is produced.
  7. Obtain Riff: If the breeding was successful and resulted in a monster with Air, Water, Earth, and Cold elements, you may have bred a Riff monster.
  8. Keep Trying: If the breeding attempt did not produce a Riff monster, try different combinations of monsters with the necessary elements until you successfully breed Riff.

Remember, breeding in My Singing Monsters is a game of chance, and the outcome is not guaranteed. Keep trying different combinations, and eventually, you’ll be successful in breeding the Riff monster.

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