Downpipes for Mercedes GLE63 / GLE63S AMG C293 / W167 / C167 / V167 4.0L 2020+ are made by BRONDEX®

The BRONDEX® GLE63 S downpipes are designed to allow for better exhaust flow and reduce backpressure, resulting in improved engine performance. The two main options available are GLE63 catless downpipes and GLE63 catted downpipes (downpipes with 200 CPSI High Flow Sports Catalytic Converters).

Introduction to BRONDEX® Downpipes

BRONDEX® has established itself as a premier manufacturer of high-performance automotive parts, particularly for Mercedes-Benz models. The downpipes gle 63 amg / GLE63S AMG downpipes are among the standout products in their lineup. These downpipes are meticulously engineered to enhance the exhaust system of your Mercedes, ensuring optimal performance and a notable improvement in engine efficiency.

What Are Downpipes?

Downpipes are a critical component of an exhaust system, designed to facilitate the smooth flow of exhaust gases from the turbocharger to the rest of the exhaust system. By reducing backpressure and increasing the diameter of the exhaust path, downpipes significantly improve the vehicle’s horsepower and torque.

Types of BRONDEX® Downpipes for Mercedes GLE63 / GLE63S AMG

BRONDEX® offers two primary types of downpipes for the Mercedes GLE63 / GLE63S AMG:

  1. Catless Downpipes
  2. Catted Downpipes (200 CPSI High Flow Sports Catalytic Converters)

Catless Downpipes

Catless downpipes are designed for maximum performance. By eliminating the catalytic converters, these downpipes allow for the unrestricted flow of exhaust gases. This results in a substantial increase in horsepower and torque. Additionally, the absence of catalytic converters means less heat buildup, further enhancing the efficiency of the engine.

Advantages of Catless Downpipes

  • Maximum Power Gains: Without the restriction of catalytic converters, exhaust gases flow freely, significantly boosting performance.
  • Enhanced Sound: Catless downpipes provide a more aggressive exhaust note, enhancing the auditory experience of driving a high-performance vehicle.
  • Reduced Weight: Eliminating the catalytic converters reduces the overall weight of the exhaust system, contributing to better vehicle dynamics.

Catted Downpipes (200 CPSI High Flow Sports Catalytic Converters)

Catted downpipes are equipped with high-flow sports catalytic converters. These downpipes strike a balance between performance and emissions compliance. The 200 CPSI (cells per square inch) catalytic converters allow for a high flow of exhaust gases while still reducing harmful emissions.

Advantages of Catted Downpipes

  • Performance and Compliance: Catted downpipes offer a significant boost in performance while ensuring compliance with emission regulations.
  • Controlled Sound: While still enhancing the exhaust note, catted downpipes maintain a more refined sound compared to catless options.
  • Environmental Responsibility: High-flow sports catalytic converters help reduce harmful emissions, making catted downpipes a more eco-friendly choice.

Installation and Compatibility

BRONDEX® downpipes are designed for a direct fit, ensuring a seamless installation process. They are compatible with the following Mercedes-Benz models:

  • Mercedes GLE63 AMG C293
  • Mercedes GLE63S AMG C293
  • Mercedes GLE63 AMG W167
  • Mercedes GLE63S AMG W167
  • Mercedes GLE63 AMG C167
  • Mercedes GLE63S AMG C167
  • Mercedes GLE63 AMG V167
  • Mercedes GLE63S AMG V167

Installation Tips

  • Professional Installation Recommended: While the downpipes are designed for a direct fit, professional installation is recommended to ensure optimal performance and safety.
  • Check Local Regulations: Before installing catless downpipes, ensure that they comply with local emission regulations.

Performance Gains

Improved Horsepower and Torque

Both catless and catted downpipes offer significant performance gains. By reducing backpressure and improving exhaust flow, these downpipes can add substantial horsepower and torque to your Mercedes GLE63 / GLE63S AMG. The exact gains will depend on other modifications and tuning but expect a noticeable improvement in acceleration and overall engine response.

Enhanced Throttle Response

The improved exhaust flow also enhances throttle response, making your vehicle more responsive and enjoyable to drive. The reduction in backpressure allows the turbocharger to spool faster, resulting in quicker acceleration and improved driving dynamics.

Sound Enhancement

Aggressive Exhaust Note

One of the most noticeable changes after installing BRONDEX® downpipes is the sound. Catless downpipes provide a raw and aggressive exhaust note that is sure to turn heads. On the other hand, catted downpipes offer a more controlled yet sporty sound, striking a balance between performance and refinement.

Customizable Sound

For those who want to fine-tune their vehicle’s sound, pairing BRONDEX® downpipes with a performance exhaust system can provide the perfect auditory experience. Whether you prefer the roar of a catless setup or the refined growl of catted downpipes, BRONDEX® offers options to suit every preference.

Durability and Quality

BRONDEX® downpipe gle63 are constructed from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. The precision engineering and attention to detail in the manufacturing process guarantee a long-lasting product that will perform reliably under the most demanding conditions.

Heat Resistance

The high-quality materials used in BRONDEX® downpipes are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. This heat resistance is crucial for maintaining performance and preventing damage to the exhaust system, especially in high-performance applications.


BRONDEX® downpipes for the Mercedes GLE63 / GLE63S AMG represent the pinnacle of performance engineering. Whether you opt for the raw power of catless downpipes or the balanced performance of catted downpipes, BRONDEX® has a solution to meet your needs. These downpipes not only enhance engine performance and sound but also ensure durability and compliance with emission regulations.

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