How To Perfectly Pair Jeans And Shirts For Men

Have you heard this fun fact? Pairing a crisp dress shirt with branded jeans for men can drive your woman crazy!! However, this does not imply that you can dress like a celebrity by wearing any pair of branded jeans for men and a shirt!

A mismatched combination of shirts for men with jeans can easily make you look weird and inappropriate when worn incorrectly. You must understand the basics of your shirt and jeans combination.

Although it’s not rocket science, following a few tips and tricks can make you look like a gentleman, whether pairing full-sleeve or half sleeve shirts with jeans for men. But when it comes to shirts and branded jeans for men, you can always rely on luxury brands like JACK&JONES.

Let us discover the simple combinations of jeans that go well with shirts for men and vice versa.

Dress Shirt And Jeans: Jeans Types

Nail your look by choosing the right type of jeans for your outfit. Straight-cut jeans are the best option for most jeans and shirt combinations. They are neither too skinny nor too baggy. When worn with a button-up shirt, they create a timeless silhouette. Choose a well-tailored shirt with straight-cut jeans to create a gentlemanly profile.

Baggy jeans look oversized and mismatched when paired with a shirt, whereas skinny jeans look too tight and fatten your torso. Straight jeans look perfect with shirts for men and create a more polished outfit when complemented with leather belts and stylish loafers.

Avoid wearing ripped jeans with full or half sleeve shirts. The whole point of pairing shirts for men with  branded jeans for men is to bridge the gap between formal and informal styles. The aim is to look presentable in a polished outfit without wearing dress pants and shirts.

Ripped jeans heavily contrast the formal vibes when paired with a button-up shirt.

So, you can choose dark-coloured straight-fit jeans with no rips and no distortion and a crisp button-up shirt to create a polished look for any occasion.

Dress Shirt And Jeans: Shirt Types

Choosing a shirt is easier than  branded jeans for men.

You can choose any shirt type, but the only exceptions are shirts with French cuffs, wingtip collars, pleats, and a front panel designed for a tuxedo. These shirts are specifically designed to be worn in most formal situations. Pairing them with jeans will present you as a man who lacks knowledge of the fundamentals of men’s styling.

Concerning the colours, choose the shirt colours that are menswear staples. For example, the crisp white button-up shirt can be styled with any jeans colour. Whereas, a light blue shirt looks best when worn with mid-blue or navy blue jeans. Light pink shirts for men look perfect when combined with light and dark blue jeans. For shirts with stripes or checks, select the branded jeans for men that correspond to the previous combinations.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

In conclusion, choose a button-up shirt and branded jeans for men from luxury fashion brands, including JACK&JONES, and create combinations that showcase your style and personality.

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