Exploring the Final Resting Place of Lee Remick

When it comes to uncovering the intriguing stories of legendary individuals, one name that has always captured the imagination of cinephiles and fans alike is Lee Remick. Her timeless beauty, exceptional talent, and memorable performances have left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment. But as we delve into the fascinating life of Lee Remick, one question often arises: where is Lee Remick buried?

A Glimpse into Lee Remick’s Remarkable Life

Before we unveil the location of her final resting place, it’s essential to appreciate the incredible journey that Lee Remick embarked upon during her illustrious career. Born on December 14, 1935, in Quincy, Massachusetts, she exhibited a natural flair for acting from an early age. Lee Remick’s talent blossomed, leading her to become one of Hollywood’s most celebrated actresses.

Lee Remick’s filmography is a testament to her prowess as an actress. From her breakout role in “Anatomy of a Murder” alongside James Stewart to her unforgettable performance in “Days of Wine and Roses” opposite Jack Lemmon, she consistently delivered exceptional acting that resonated with audiences worldwide.

Lee Remick’s Passing and the Question of Her Burial

Lee Remick’s untimely passing on July 2, 1991, was a profound loss to the world of entertainment. Her battle with kidney cancer was a valiant one, but sadly, it claimed her life at the age of 55. Following her passing, the question of where she was laid to rest has been a topic of curiosity for her admirers.

The Answer: Where is Lee Remick Buried?

Lee Remick’s final resting place can be found in the peaceful and serene setting of West Barnstable Cemetery in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This idyllic cemetery, nestled amid the natural beauty of Cape Cod, provides a fitting and tranquil location for the beloved actress’s eternal rest.

Paying Respects to Lee Remick

For fans and admirers of Lee Remick, visiting her gravesite can be a heartfelt and meaningful way to pay tribute to her memory. West Barnstable Cemetery offers a serene atmosphere that allows visitors to reflect on the remarkable contributions of this iconic actress.


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Lee Remick’s legacy lives on not only through her timeless performances on screen but also through the memories of those who cherish her work. As we remember this remarkable actress, let us continue to celebrate her life, her talent, and the indomitable spirit that made Lee Remick a true Hollywood legend.

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